Guest Editorial: It’s Official! It’s On The Ballot.

By Scottsdale Pinetop
It has been a long time coming, but finally it looks like the end is in sight. This week, the Scottsdale City Clerk announced that the Protect Our Preserve initiative has more than enough valid signatures to qualify for the November ballot. Voters will see it on their ballot as Proposition 420.
This means that the future of the McDowell Sonoran Preserve rests in the hands of the voters – as it should be.
Scottsdale’s leaders have long imagined building a Desert Discovery Center on the Preserve. Unfortunately, in order to achieve this dream, Scottsdale city leaders decided to deny a public vote on the project.

This decision ignited a political firestorm in Scottsdale that can still be felt today. It’s divided the City Council on a number of issues and it has divided Scottsdale. But in the wake of controversy, a group of decided activists unified in a monumental citizen effort to protect the preserve. We’ve come to know them as the champions of the No DCC – a political force to be reckoned with.
After months of hard work and community support, the Protect Our Preserve petition garnered a total of 37,608 signatures well exceeding the required 23,908 to get on the ballot. Now, it’s up to the citizens to finish the job.
This is a unique opportunity. An opportunity for Scottsdale voters to take control of the preserve and to keep our city officials accountable for their actions. Despite the Preserve itself being established by a public vote, DDC supporters have actively ignored the notion of putting the topic to a public vote. And yet, they have sought to use a large amount of preserve tax dollars without the consent of the public. This is our chance to correct their mistake.
We are pleased to have the citizens of Scottsdale overrule the City Council majority and we urge Scottsdale citizens to vote YES on Proposition 420 in the November 6th election.