Guest Editorial: Goodbye Carol Springer

By Scottsdale Pinetop
For the first time in decades, a record number of women across the state are tossing their names in the ring for both federal and statewide offices. As we hopefully welcome a new generation of female leaders, we must also say goodbye to one of Arizona’s first political female trailblazers.
Carol Springer, a former Arizona Treasurer and state lawmaker, died in Prescott last week at age 81.
Springer helped raise the bar for women seeking public office. In 1998, nearly 90 years after women were given the right to vote in Arizona, five women political figures served in the state’s five most important government positions. And Springer was one of them.

Serving alongside Springer were fellow women Governor Jane Dee Hull, Secretary of State Betsey Bayless, State Attorney General Janet Napolitano and Superintendent of Public Instruction Lisa Graham Keegan. All leaders in their own right.
These women became notably nationally known as “The Fab Five.” It was an achievement never before accomplished, or since.
Springer’s legacy goes far beyond her time as treasurer. She was first elected into the State Senate in 1990, representing the Prescott area. Best known as a “fiscal hawk”, she helped establish the state’s financial stability and led the Appropriations Committee for years. She also helped create distance-learning programs for community college students that are still being utilized today.
It’s thanks to Springer’s ability to shatter gender stereotypes that have allowed future female leaders to thrive. Among some of Arizona’s finest is state Senator Kimberly Yee. Yee’s integrity, dedication and experience makes her a prime candidate to carry on Springer’s legacy. If Yee succeeds in the November election, she will be the first female candidate to be elected into the role since Springer.
Carol Springer is a role model to women everywhere. Thank you for your service and dedication to Arizona. You will be missed.