Guest Editorial: Flake for 2020?

By: Scottsdale Pinetop
In the political world, there are only two reasons to visit New Hampshire in the middle of March – snow and New Hampshire is the first state to vote in a presidential primary.
When politicians head to New Hampshire, it tends to raise eyebrows. That’s exactly what happened for Senator Jeff Flake last week when it was announced he would be attending the New Hampshire Institute for Politics’ “Politics and Eggs” breakfast.
Evidence suggests that Flake is beginning to tease the idea of a presidential run.
In September, Senator Flake released his personal memoir “Conscience of a Conservative” that defended his political philosophies, criticized the Trump Administration and expressed his concerns for the future of the Republican Party. Shortly after the book’s publication, Flake announced that he would not be running for re-election in 2018. To many this was political suicide.
But just the opposite may be occurring. The controversial attention has now thrusted Flake into the national spotlight.
If Flake is serious about a presidential race, he has an uphill battle. He has become an outsider within his own political party. He has lost the confidence of many Republican voters. Democrats have actively spoken out about his flip flop voting nature. And most Arizonans are wishing for his defeat. The odds are currently not in his favor. He would do better to ride into the sunset or on one of Scottsdale’s new “Lime Bikes” than indulge his ego further with a quixotic quest for a little limelight.