Guest Editorial: Down But Not Out

By Scottsdale Pinetop
In the final match in Rocky, Balboa remains convinced that it’s impossible for him to beat Apollo. But rather than give up, he decides to go the distance and take on the champion for the full 15 rounds – a task no fighter had ever done before. And while Balboa may have lost the fight, the underdog was the true embodiment of the American spirit — all determination and grit.
Take heart Arizona. The Outlaw Dirty Money Initiative will continue on – just in a smaller form.
After a blow earlier this month from the Arizona Supreme Court’s ruling that the Outlaw Dirty Money Initiative did not qualify for the November 6th ballot, it seemed the initiative was down for the count. But inspired by the recent events and efforts, Phoenix has decided to take steps forward towards prohibiting dark money in its own election. Known as Proposition 419, Phoenix voters will be asked this November to amend the city charter to require all groups spending significant amounts of money in local races to disclose their donors and organization names.

For as long as there have been candidates and campaigns, there’s been money in politics. Whether it’s called “dark money” or “dirty money,” most voters agree that money hidden behind anonymous sources is corrupting our elections. Phoenix would be the second Valley city to consider the question. In March, 91 percent of Tempe voters agreed to vote in November on a city charter amendment.
Phoenix has the opportunity to make history and help show the way for the rest of the nation. Candidates, elected officials and special interest groups, it’s time to take notice. Hundreds of thousands of voters from across the state are calling for changes in our election process and campaign finance reform.
As Rocky Balboa would say, “it ain’t how hard you hit it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.” The Outlaw Dirty Money campaign may have lost in the Arizona political ring, for now, but now it’s up to Phoenix leaders and voters to carry on their efforts. And we believe they are up for the fight.
We encourage all Phoenix residents to vote Yes on Proposition 419 on the November 6th ballot.