Guest Editorial: A Very Special, Special Interest

By Scottsdale Pinetop
In the age of “everyone is special” it’s often hard to stand out from the crowd. As an individual, a business and even as a community, our own special interests can easily be overshadowed. Scottsdale is no exception. In a city of greats, from the nationally acclaimed Barrett-Jackson Car Auction to spring training season, it’s easy to get lost in the fray.
But one key group in Scottsdale has withstood the test of time. That group is the Scottsdale Gallery Association.
Internationally known for art, Old Town Scottsdale has a well-deserved though increasingly challenged reputation in this regard. At one point in time, the Scottsdale’s downtown district hosted over 100 galleries along Marshall Way and Main Street, as well as local artists, performers, writers and avid collectors. And it continues to be thanks to the Scottsdale Gallery Association.
The collection of galleries provide a diverse array of work as they strive to make art accessible to all, from the serious art collector to the casual patron. It hosts numerous events throughout the year. This includes the weekly Thursday Night Art walk which today stands as the longest running event of its kind in the nation. As a Scottsdalian, this is something to be extremely proud of.
However, the Gallery Association often does not receive the attention and assistance it deserves. It must.

Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane has said, the Scottsdale Gallery Association is “the straw that stirs the downtown drink.” Scottsdale is a world-class destination in so many aspects. And as such Scottsdale needs to be a leader in the arts as well. This means a re-dedication to supporting our local artists and galleries.
One thing is certain, without the arts district there is no Old Town Scottsdale. While Scottsdale continues to seek ways to improving its tourism, they should start looking inward instead of outward. And the Gallery Association is a crucial and valuable part of the community. It is important to push for development and improvements of the area while still appreciating the uniqueness of Scottsdale (such as Museum Square).
As a community, please support your local artists. You can support the Scottsdale Gallery Association by attending a number of their upcoming winter events including the Thursday night Scottsdale Art Walks and Scottsdazzle. Click here for the full schedule.
Yes the Scottsdale Gallery Association is a special interest. But interest in it is something that will keep Scottsdale special.