Guest Editorial: A Very Special Guest

By Scottsdale Pinetop

The State of the Union Address is a famous tradition dating back to the first president that is both superfluous and surreal. Last night, President Donald Trump sought to strike a bipartisan tone of unity just weeks after the longest shutdown in US history.

However, there is another special tradition that represents the very best of America. Every year, both the White House and lawmakers invite guests to attend the State of the Union. This year’s guests come from all different walks of life. And Senator Martha McSally did not shy away from the opportunity to showcase one of Arizona’s brightest stars.

Isaiah Acosta is 19-year old who was born without a jaw which has cost him the ability to speak, eat and sing. But his affliction has not stopped his passion to become a rapper. At age 17, his first rap went viral generating millions of views. Since then, his inspirational lyrics have drawn international attention and he has become the world’s first mute rapper. Scottsdale readers may remember his performance at this year’s Bentley Scottsdale Polo Championships too.

To help tell his story, Phoenix rapper Tikey “Trap House” Patterson was the voice to Isaiah’s words. Unfortunately, Trap House passed away in January from pancreatic cancer. But his legacy carries on.

This was not a political moment for McSally. Rather it was a humbling moment. It was a moment to shine a spotlight on one of Arizona’s young stars both personally and professional. McSally’s choice in guest speak volumes and show that she’s still in touch with her home state and with the people who help make it that way. We thank Senator McSally for providing such a unique opportunity and hope Isaiah continues to be a leader not just in Arizona but also beyond.