Guest Editorial: A Scottsdale Oasis

By Scottsdale Pinetop

Living and working within the city of architectural behemoths and contrete walls can be taxing, to say to least. And from time to time, it’s nice to escape from the urban landscape and take refuge in a few patches of green. For the average New Yorker, that’s Brooklyn Bridge Park. In San Diego, it’s the Waterfront Park. But for many Scottsdalians, the Indian-Bend Wash has become the crown jewel of the outdoors.

What began as a flood control project, the Indian-Bend Wash Greenbelt is an 11-mile stretch spanning throughout the heart of Scottsdale. The Greenbelt has become one of Arizona’s top urban “green space,” much to the envy of cities all over the Valley. But it’s not without flaws and like any great amenity it needs to be upgraded and rejuvenated.

Recently, the city of Scottsdale decided to look into creating a master plan for the area to address its aging infrastructure and meet the needs of its users. And the community is answering the call. On Wednesday January 9th, dozens of Scottsdale residents attended an open house meeting to discuss their input for the Greenbelt master plan. These included fixing deteriorating bike paths, replacement of restrooms and ramadas and better care of the lakes. While no plans have been made towards the master plan, it’s a great first step in investing in the Greenbelt for future generations.

The success of the Greenbelt is a result of past citizens and leaders, like Paul Messinger, working together to preserve the natural wash from turning into another concrete waterway. Rather they turned it into something that benefits everyone. Today, Scottsdalians have the opportunity to carry on their legacy.  

In a city that touts itself as a tourism spot, Scottsdale has one of its biggest assets right in its very own backyard – literally. While it is not a single, stand along park like so many others, the Greenbelt is a phenomenal way to get outside. It’s one of the few places you can hop on a bike and travel to the McDowell Sonoran Preserve all the way down to Tempe Town Lake. Travelers can play a round of golf or lace up their running shoes and enjoy a long, uninterrupted experience of Scottsdale stopping at an array of resorts, bars, restaurants and parks along the way. There’s so much more that Scottsdale has to offer. The master plan is crucial to the sustainability of Scottsdale not just a community, but as an evolving tourism destination for all types. City Manager Jim Thompson deserves kudos and credit for recognizing the opportunity to prepare this amazing amenity for the future generations.