Great News From The Latest Polling Data!

By Weiers For Mayor
Great News From The Latest Polling Data!
Ordinarily we keep our internal polling to ourselves, but several of you have forwarded me an email from my opponent where he claims they just polled and he’s winning by 3 points (34%-31%). Since his polling is as made up as his public safety data, we thought we’d make an exception and share real polling with you.
Not only are we ahead overall by a nearly 2-1 margin (35% – 18%), we’re also ahead within each group of voters, so we’re winning Republicans, we’re winning Democrats, and we’re winning Independents.
Many of you wisely noted that a first-time candidate at the start of a race wasn’t going to be polling as high as Burdick claimed to be, but I can’t answer your question of why he is pretending he is. My consultant says he’s likely doing it to try and help raise money or to keep his supporters from giving up on the race. All I know is he’s apparently going to keep making things up, so I’m going to keep telling you the truth to clear it up.
Obviously we have a lot of race ahead of us, so please keep up the good work and I’ll keep in touch.
In your service,
Mayor Jerry Weiers