Governor Brewer Endorses Heather Carter for LD 15 House of Representatives

Phoenix, AZ – Today, Representative Heather Carter announced that Governor Jan Brewer has endorsed her reelection campaign to the Arizona House of Representatives. Representative Carter is running in Legislative District 15 and has championed several critical issues during her four years as a Legislator including sustainable economic growth policies, education reforms and healthcare initiatives.

“I am honored to endorse Representative Heather Carter in her re-election campaign for the Arizona House of Representatives. In the face of the worst economic downturn in our state’s history, Heather Carter has continuously proven to be a conservative leader, fighting for commonsense economic policies and smaller, responsible government. Heather and I have worked tirelessly to balance the state budget, reduce the burden on Arizona taxpayers, create better schools, and provide an opportunity for all Arizona businesses to succeed. Heather is thoughtful, intelligent, and cares deeply about all Arizonans, which is why I am proud to stand with Heather Carter and wholeheartedly endorse her candidacy,” said Governor Brewer.
“I’m tremendously honored to have Governor Brewer support my campaign. Together, we have worked to create sensible, financially responsible solutions to many of the issues facing our state. Governor Brewer has been an exemplary leader while guiding Arizona out of the Great Recession. We have fundamentally made our government more transparent and accountable and I look forward to continuing her legacy for years to come,” said Representative Carter.
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