☑General Obligation Bonds Progress Report

By Councilwoman Virgina Korte

I want to express my deep appreciation to the thousands of citizens who provided their input on the general obligation bonds during the six community meetings and on the city’s website.

Last Tuesday the City Council met for a work-study session on the 59 GO bond projects.  Citizen input factored heavily in our discussion and was extremely useful in helping us decide how to categorize and prioritize the projects.

While the Council hasn’t officially called for an election in November, we expect to do that on Tuesday, April 16th.  Ultimately, the total bond package is expected to be approximately $350 million.

When we met, the expansion of the Via Linda Senior Center to meet the growing users’ demand was not on the list for our discussion.  Because I felt strongly about the importance of the project, I proposed that it be added to the list. All my colleagues agreed.  Now 60 projects are included in the bond package.

There is still plenty of time for your input on the bond package.  I encourage you to do that by visiting:  https://www.scottsdaleaz.gov/construction/unfunded-cip-projects

Before closing, I want to thank the Capital Improvement Plan Subcommittee, Chairman Guy Phillips and Councilmembers Suzanne Klapp and Kathy Littlefield, for all of their hard work during the couple of months.  They picked up precisely where the previous CIP Subcommittee, Councilmembers Phillips, David Smith and myself, left off a year ago.

Last but not least, the city’s staff deserves a special shout out for their diligent effort in organizing the citizen outreach process.  Their attention to detail also helped keep the focus on the projects the city needs to maintain our special quality of life.


Virginia L. Korte