Gallego’s Phoenix Plan To Go From Good To Great

Canals have a rich history in Arizona. Used for transporting water along the desert landscape, canals have been bringing new life to the area for hundreds of years. Now, the Grand Canal has the opportunity to restore this feeling of new life throughout Phoenix and make the canal another reason to enjoy the state’s largest city.
A $10.3 million grant was given to the City of Phoenix from the Department of Transportation to refresh the Grand Canal. This refresh will be an upgrade to the surrounding neighborhoods as well as a potentially powerful tourist attraction for Phoenix. 
This grant is part of a $20.9 million effort called the Grand Canalscape to help put the Arizona Grand Canal back on the map. It will make the canal a safer place for residents to use recreationally along the stretch that runs from Interstate 17 to Tempe.
Other cities across the nation have canals that help both improve the overall look of the city as well as bring more people in. It helps tourists view the city in a more leisurely way.
Phoenix is already a popular tourist attraction. The Grand Canalscape could provide more reasons for people to visit.
This Grand Canalscape will allow all of the Phoenix metropolitan area to take advantage of its own beautiful weather and to see the city in new ways. Upgrading canals is a no brainer when it comes to upgrading a city and Phoenix will be able to consider itself one of those cities soon thanks to this grant.  Tempe and Scottsdale have already shown the way in how to creatively and effectively use new and existing waterways. Now, thanks to Phoenix Councilwoman Kate Gallego Phoenix may be joining the club.