From the Arizona Democratic Party: A quick intro, Alexis Tameron

Over the weekend I was elected Chair of the Arizona Democratic Party.
I am the first woman and first Hispanic Chair the Party has ever elected – and I’m hoping that symbolism will help us move our Party in a new direction that modernizes our approach and wins more elections.
Some of you may know me from my time as campaign manager for Dr. Richard Carmona’s campaign for U.S. Senate, or as chief of staff to Congressman Harry Mitchell. But my connection to the Democratic Party and our progressive values runs much deeper than my experience running campaigns and managing offices.
I come from a small mining town in rural Arizona. Growing up, my dad was a miner and proud member of the union – a union that my family sometimes had to lean on when things got tough.
My mom raised us in proud Catholic traditions, but she also raised three daughters who she wanted to be independent and capable of controlling their own lives and medical decisions. So when my sisters and I reached dating age, my mom drove us right down to Planned Parenthood to make sure we had access to birth control and the health care we needed.
I’m a Democrat because I care deeply about the values that make us all Democrats – and I believe firmly that those values are the right ones to govern our state. That’s why I’ve dedicated my life to winning races for Democrats in Arizona.
I’m going to build a leaner, meaner Arizona Democratic Party – a party that proudly boasts of our progressive values and hammers ideological Republicans when they cut education, block access to women’s health care, discriminate against our LGBT community, vilify unions and sell out our state to the corporations that dump Dark Money on our candidates. 
But here’s the deal.
To do all that, I need to dramatically boost our small dollar donor program. My whole plan is based on my belief that the grassroots can stand up to the anonymous corporations that continue to buy influence at the expense of Arizona families.
So will you please donate $10, $25 or whatever you can give today so we can start building that fundraising base?
If you’re a true believer in this party – as I am – I hope you’ll make your contribution a monthly commitment. The healthier our cash flow, the more aggressive we can be in making commitments to our candidates and fighting back against an extremist agenda that continues to threaten the livelihood of Arizona families.
Yours in the fight,