From Sal DiCiccio Buyer Beware. Phoenix wants to raise your taxes…..again

Over $209 million per mile to build and operate. Yes, that’s the cost to build and operate one mile of the new train system being proposed to the Mayor and Council.
I’m guessing you didn’t know this was being pushed forward by the bureaucrats and politicians.
This is being proposed for the Phoenix ballot this year and will be sold to you as a “new direction” for our city.
Don’t believe the politicians when they try to take more of your hard-earned monies. This is money from you and your family to pay insiders this outrageous sum.
You will be asked to pay for their costly idea with a huge tax increase with overall spending of over $30 billion! You tell me if you think it’s fiscally-responsible and makes sense to spend $6.5 Billion building just 31 new miles for a new train system.
I urge you to send this notification to everyone on your personal list including Facebook and Twitter.
They will have all the big beneficiaries pour millions of dollars into their campaign to convince you to give them your hard-earned money.
You have my commitment to keep you informed as a counter to their plans – plans designed to protect big-government insiders.
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From my family to yours,
Sal DiCiccio
Phoenix City Council
District 6