Free Enterprise Club PAC Endorses Jeff DeWit for State Treasurer

PHOENIX, AZ – The Arizona Free Enterprise Club PAC today announced the endorsement of Jeff DeWit for State Treasurer. The conservative DeWit is in a tough 3-way Republican primary for the office against two other establishment candidates.
Jeff DeWit’s strong business background and conservative free market principles is what earned him the endorsement from the Club. “Jeff is the type of pro-growth, limited government candidate we need in the Treasurers office,” PAC spokesman Scot Mussi said.
Being a first time candidate, Jeff won’t be the establishments’ choice, but his impressive experience in the financial sector makes him the most qualified for the position. “Simply put, there is only one person with the credentials and expertise to be Arizona’s next Treasurer, and that is Jeff DeWit.”
I am honored to have this endorsement. I am proud to stand with the Arizona Free Enterprise Club and many other conservative business leaders from around the state in support of free markets, fiscal responsibility, and economic prosperity.