Flagstaff Mayor Jerry Nabours Endorses Proposition 123

PHOENIX — Flagstaff Mayor Jerry Nabours has endorsed Proposition 123 citing that the measure will help Flagstaff schools succeed in the future. 

“Personally, I think Prop 123 is the right thing for Flagstaff and the state,” Flagstaff Mayor Jerry Nabours said. “In the last four years the city of Flagstaff has purchased $8.1 million of state trust land to preserve as open space. It is great to see that money invested in the land trust, and see some of that money come back to our schools in Flagstaff and other schools around the state. Prop 123 will distribute 3.5 billion dollars to teachers and students without raising taxes.  I’m voting yes.”

“Elected officials, community, education and business leaders from around the state are rallying behind Proposition 123,” Sharon Harper, chairman of the Let’s Vote Yes for Arizona Schools said. “Proposition 123 won’t just make a huge impact in Maricopa County, but in counties and schools districts all across Arizona. We need to vote YES on this initiative to ensure all students and teachers in Arizona have the resources they need to succeed.”