Felecia Rotellini : My Father’s Daughter

Growing up, I was my dad’s shadow. I followed him around everywhere he went. He ran his insurance business from our home, so he wouldn’t have been able to escape me if he tried.
My earliest memories include going to every high school sporting event in our home town; sitting next to him at American Legion baseball games, watching him bowl in his Thursday night league, going with him on business calls, and sitting quietly while he talked to people about insurance.
I learned something new each day from my dad. He modeled honesty and hard work everyday of his 98 years. On June 19, he will be 99 years young. I want to thank him and wish him a very Happy Father’s Day and an early Happy Birthday!
Growing up on Main Street in Sheridan, Wyoming, my Dad was a State Farm Insurance agent and our town was his client base. It’s the kind of place where everyone knows everybody – – especially my dad. He’s the kind of guy who always puts others first, believes in honor, and would never boast about himself. It was because of his commitment to our family and to our community that, despite never having gone himself, he was able to put my four siblings and me through college.

He taught me how to roller skate, ride a bike, and drive a car. At 98, he still worries more about me than himself and will always see me as his little girl who he must protect.
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When I decided to run for office, he worried about the toll campaigning would have on me and still worries. However, he still encourages me and understands that, like him, I am happiest when I’m living out the values of service and respect. I know of no better way I can serve my community and continue his legacy than to protect Arizona families as Arizona’s Attorney General.
I cherish every moment I get to spend with my dad and hope that, one day, I can make worthwhile all of the sacrifices he has made for me and our family throughout his life.
Happy Father’s Day Dad, I love you!!!