Felecia For Arizona: Our First Ad

Our first campaign television ad just launched . I encourage you to share it with family, neighbors and friends.
Here is a link
I’m proud of this ad because its story represents why I am running to be Arizona’s next Attorney General. There are people all over Arizona like Connie Groff who need an advocate and a voice.
Special interest groups and companies have their lawyers and their lobbyists but normal, hard working Arizonans have the Attorney General as their lawyer.

The Attorney General must protect our seniors and go after criminals who harm our most vulnerable populations. As your Attorney General, I will return the Office to its core mission: prosecute criminals and protect families. It must not be used as a battering ram for ideology or politics.
We know what’s at stake in this election. We can have four more years of extreme partisanship and ideology or we can work together to rise above politics.
I have a personal goal today. I need to raise $15,000 to purchase more airtime and reach more voters.
Please contribute $250, $100, or $50 today and help us spread our message.
It is because of your enthusiasm, commitment, and generosity that I know we will win in November. Thank you.