As Carly’s Iowa state chairman, I can tell you: the momentum on the ground here is growing fast.
Iowa isn’t like a lot of other states. Because we’re the first state to caucus, what happens in Iowa affects the direction of the Republican primary race in all 50 states. We know it’s a big responsibility.
Because of that, we don’t listen to the mainstream media or national polls: we listen to the candidates (in person) and then vote for the one with the best message, and the best leadership abilities.
Right now, in Iowa? All the talk on the ground is about Carly Fiorina.
We’re building the best ground game in Iowa this election cycle, hands down. But we can’t continue to grow our momentum without your help. Will you chip in $13 for Carly in 2016, before the FEC’s quarterly fundraising deadline on December 31st?
I’ve lived in Iowa a very long time. I’ve seen a lot of presidential campaigns come through here.
Carly’s tireless. She just wrapped a trip before Christmas to the southeast corner of Iowa and will start her trip in January in the northwest corner. She’s going to small towns like Rock Rapids, and bigger cities like Davenport: winning over Iowans wherever she can.

The sheer amount of time Carly’s spent campaigning here in Iowa, meeting voters and getting our message out, is what gets supporters. And the kind of campaign infrastructure and ground team that Carly’s built is the kind of campaign that takes that momentum, and turns it into real results at our first-in-the-nation caucus.
But even though we’ve built such a great ground game, and are finally seeing it pay off, anything can happen in the next four weeks.
With the quarterly fundraising deadline from the FEC coming on December 31st—just three days away—we need your help more than ever to take this fight all the way to the ballot box.
Can we count on you to chip in $13 now?
Thanks for your help.
Christopher Rants
Iowa State Chairman
Carly for President