Establishment and Status Quo Lose Big

 in Midterms

By Sal DiCiccio
City of Phoenix
Councilman, District 6
6 words to sum up yesterday’s election: Establishment and status quo lose big
Republicans made big gains in the Senate, ensuring a lock on judicial appointments and Democrats made gains in the House, ensuring a slowdown of the Republican economic and social agenda. Republicans maintain control of the states in the legislatures and governorships across the country. Democrats have not even begun to regain the 1100 seats they lost during the last administration.
It is clear that the screaming in restaurants, the constant marches, and a billion dollars in political spending has produced very little for Democrats. With massive turn-out and a polarized public, we should have seen a historic drubbing of the Republican Party, that did not happen.
What we saw, however, is that outsiders won big in almost every single race, whether they were a Republican or a Democrat. Even in races where the establishment eventually won, these outsiders made the election very, very close.
Change was the driving force. Republicans began booting out their establishment politicians years ago and now Democrats are doing the same. The activist wing of their party will not stand for establishment Democrats who continually push the same, tired agenda with no results.