Elect Jim to Restore Public Trust in Arizona

By Jim O’Connor
Recently, several friends suggested I clean up the Arizona Corporation Commission. They experienced significant ACC approved increases in power and water rates and they are looking for change.
Although retired, I have robust corporate experience worthy of the office.
I am running as a Clean Elections candidate so that I can fairly execute the responsibilities of the job, free from special interest influence.
But there are two requirements before I can fight for you.
First, I must collect 8,000 nomination petition signatures from Independent and Republican voters statewide. Please sign the online petition.
Second, I must collect 1,800 five dollar ($5) qualifying contributions from registered Arizona voters of any party. These will be paid to the Arizona Clean Elections Fund.
To help me, click the two links below, fill out the form and look for the name, James “Jim” O’Connor.
And thank you for your support.
— Jim O’Connor