Education Reformers Rally Behind Shawnna Bolick for the Arizona Legislature

by Shawnna Bolick
Phoenix, AZ- March 12, 2018- Today, a group of like-minded education reformers endorsed Shawnna Bolick for an open seat in the Arizona House of Representatives in Legislative District 20. Here is what they had to say about candidate Bolick:
“We need elected officials who will put parents first over bureaucrats. Shawnna Bolick has been a passionate voice for parental school choice for over two decades. Her dedication to ensuring parents maintain control of their school children’s curriculum is paramount. I know Ms. Bolick will represent parents well once she’s elected to the Arizona Legislature.”
~ Jared Taylor
Member, State Board of Education
Gilbert Town Councilman
“In order for Arizona to prosper we need to return to the founding principles of our country – individual liberty, fiscal responsibility and free enterprise. Shawnna Bolick is dedicated to these principles and she has common sense. If we are going to win this battle over fiscal responsibility, we need more citizens like Shawnna serving in the Arizona Legislature.”
~ Jean McGrath
current Member of Maricopa Community College District’s Governing Board, District 4
former Central Arizona Project Board of Directors
former Arizona legislator
“I heartily endorse Shawnna Bolick for the Legislative District 20 State House of Representatives because of her conservative philosophy and experience in all areas of education. Her contributions to the legislative decision-making would resolve long-standing problems we now face. She knows her stuff!”
~ Johanna Haver
current Member of Maricopa County Community College Governing Board, District 3
Bolick stated, “I am thankful for our continued support for our legislative run. I have gotten to know these fine individuals through my community involvement. I got to know Mr. Taylor while serving on the Arizona State Board of Education’s Standards Committee and value his insights.” She added, “from Kindergarten to the community college level I believe we can give the power back to the consumer and away from the bureaucrats trying to control each and every decision meant for parents, teachers and students.”

Shawnna Bolick was appointed to the Arizona State Board of Education’s Academic Standards Development Committee as a public high school parent and to Arizona’s Early Childhood Education and Health Board by Governor Doug Ducey.
Shawnna and her husband Clint reside in Phoenix, AZ with their two children, Ryne and Kali, and their rescued greyhound.
Ms. Bolick can be reached via email at, or via cell at 602.842.1912. For more information, about her campaign please visit .