Easy Early Endorsements In Paradise Valley Elections

It is somewhat surprising in what is arguably Arizona’s most impressive community that the turnover on the Town Council is so substantial. A retiring Mayor. A relocating popular councilman named Schweiker and a previous top vote getter named Kirby choosing to devote more time to her elected position on the Scottsdale School Board.
By acclimation Vice Mayor Michael Collins will be Paradise Valley’s next Mayor as he has no opposition.
But that still leaves a number of seats open at the council level voters will have to sift through. Some names are known. Some less so. But they are collectively an impressive lot.
Over a month before early voting begins in the August 26th primary three names stand out and are worthy of endorsement now.
They are current councilmembers Paul Dembow and David Sherf as well as former Planning Commissioner and mayoral candidate Maria Syms.

How could one not support an incumbent with the town headed in such a positive direction? Public safety. Mountain Shadows resort revitalization. Transparency. Effectively managing the functions of government big and small. Dembow and Sherf have been a part of the team and deserve substantial credit.
Furthermore, Dembow is the kind of person you hope to step into the arena as he serves with a relentless smile and commitment to the town he clearly loves. Sherf shines for another reason: his experience with resort development. As Paradise Valley relies on successful resorts to avoid the imposition of a property tax, having someone with Sherf’s skill set is invaluable, as popular outgoing Mayor Scott Lemarr will frequently share.
And that leads us to Maria Syms, our final endorsement now until we evaluate other candidates later.
To say Syms showed spunk in her unsuccessful race against Mayor Lemarr in 2012 is to remarkably de-emphasize that adjective. But the tenor of that campaign can’t belie credentials and a commitment to the town that are quite impressive. So what if Syms pisses a little vinegar from time to time? That’s OK in pursuit of things you care about. Besides, a little gender diversity on a council that could be amassed entirely of white guys is a way to avoid the balcony in the Muppet Show.
Dembow, Sherf and Syms would stand out on any city council, anywhere. Paradise Valley’s citizens and voters are lucky to have their expertise at their disposal, especially as developer drumbeats grow louder for their bottom line, and the town may need people with the spunk, spine and experience to instead make that a line in the sand to keep that which makes Paradise Valley special.