Doug Ducey Campaign Announcement: The Spirit of Free Enterprise

You may have heard me say before that in solving some of our greatest problems, I believe freedom and opportunity are the answer. Nowhere is this sentiment more clearly demonstrated than in the free enterprise system. It empowers individuals to earn their own success, however they define it for themselves. It is the antithesis of government handouts and overbearing social programs.
At its heart, the beauty of free enterprise is what drives many conservatives like me, which is why I am honored to have earned the endorsement of Arizona’s Free Enterprise Club PAC.
From their endorsement:
“Ducey is a committed free market fiscal conservative who won’t shy away from making tough decisions or taking on big challenges…His leadership is what we need to craft free market, pro-growth oriented policies that make Arizona a great place to work and live.”
I’m humbled by their endorsement and, as governor, I will lead the state with our shared principles of economic prosperity and limited government.
But I need your help to get there. Please join the thousands of Arizonans who have signed my nomination petition by adding your name today. Let’s help Arizona up its game and grow our economy.
Thank you for your support!