Developing a Community-Wide Dialogue About Our Transportation Needs

By Virginia Korte
Sustaining Our Scottsdale Way of Life
I am a consensus builder – because I believe the best outcomes are created when people come together and agree on a course of action.
That means making sure everyone has a voice in the decision-making process, no matter what the issue.
One of the things that makes our city so great and sets it apart from many other places is our ability to share our ideas with one another.  Citizens are able to not only take part in shaping our short-term objectives, but also participate in planning ahead to determine the best ways to achieve our long-term goals.
As we focus on the future, one of the most important topics is the role transportation issues play in growing our economy and sustaining our Scottsdale way of life.    

Transportation issues include everything from the condition of streets and controlling traffic to expanding bus and trolley services.  Other types of transit options are also worth a communitywide dialogue about the least expensive and most efficient ways to move our residents, workforce and visitors around the city in the future.
The Transportation Commission recently approved a “draft” plan of a 20-year Master Transportation Plan developed by the Transportation Department.  The City Council will review the plan this spring.
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