Denny Barney Needs To Say He’s Sorry, And Quit Channeling Rick Renzi

Did Republicans just ignore all of the headlines over the years about disgraced former Congressman Rick Renzi who was found to abuse his position while in office for real estate gains? barney
We ask because of the Arizona Republic headline today raising similar questions about current Maricopa County Board Chairman Denny Barney (Maricopa County chairman in ethics flap). While many Republicans don’t like the Republic, the story reminds us of the import of the fourth estate, especially robust investigative journalism. We digress as we necessarily observe who will be there to shed light on that which was done today if larger media goes away? This blog? Other bloggers? A motley crew on Facebook? Back to our premise.
Barney achieved the near impossible in 2012. Running as a rookie for a coveted seat abandoned by Fulton Brock he ran unopposed. That’s because of the regard the marketplace had for Barney personally, his family and his promise.
Surely his constituents thought the youthful Barney mature enough to avoid the kind of problems described today in which he apparently nudged Maricopa County staff to resolve issues that were costing his development project money.
In describing his conduct Barney invoked many words and much spin but nary once did he say the three words he needed to: I am sorry. He should do so. Governor Christie just did when his government abused for political payback. Barney should do so when questions of personal financial issues arise.
We chalk this up to a rookie mistake even as Barney is early in his sophomore season. But it can’t happen again: internally at Maricopa County or with other jurisdictions where he may have holdings and that may fear his influence.
We hope and have confidence Barney, unlike Renzi, will be remembered more for ethics than enrichment.