"Dark Money" Interests Are Attacking Our Campaign. But I'll Continue To Fight For Arizona Taxpayers.

By Hugh Hallman
Dear Fellow Arizona Resident:
Over the past couple of days, a bizarre “dark money” mailer was sent to voters attacking me by attempting to link my efforts to protect Arizona taxpayers to, believe it or not, Barack Obama. hallman pic
The mailer is ridiculous, but the motives behind it are not. And the Secretary of State’s Office announced yesterday that there is “reasonable cause” to believe the group who sent the mailer is breaking the law.
Here’s what Republican Corporation Commissioner Susan Bitter Smith had to say about this mailer:
“Hugh Hallman has been involved in proceedings in front of the Arizona Corporation Commission on the highly publicized issue of net metering and advocated for a resolution that resulted in eliminating subsidies and protecting taxpayers. Any suggestion to the contrary is simply not accurate. I have known Hugh Hallman for over 30 years and he continues to be my choice for Arizona’s next Treasurer.”
The attack itself refers to work I did defending Arizona residents against utility rate increases by Arizona Public Service, or APS. I fought APS’ efforts to raise rates on Arizona residents.
But now, a mailer with anonymous funding sources is hitting mailboxes attacking me for protecting the pocketbooks of Arizona residents. And “coincidentally,” it comes just a few days after APS was saved from facing reductions in its government-protected guaranteed profits and exposing the hidden subsidies it supplies to favorite customers — truly the worst of “crony capitalism.”
This “dark money” effort cost more than $80,000. Clearly, someone with deep pockets doesn’t want me in the State Treasurer’s Office taking on their cronies and defending taxpayers.

I can’t say for sure who funded the attack against me. But what I can say is this:
I’m in this race to fight for you.
Just as I fought for the people of Tempe when I served as their Mayor, refusing perks and gifts from lobbyists. Just as I fought for people across our great state on issues of regional and statewide importance to reduce government and improve results. Just as I fought to keep utility rates lower for Arizona residents. And just as I will fight to ensure that your taxpayer dollars are responsibly managed in the State Treasurer’s Office.
These “dark money” interests believe that monopolies and those in positions of great power should choose who represents you on the statewide level. I disagree.
If you want someone in the State Treasurer’s Office who will fight for you, I would ask you for your support and your vote for State Treasurer.
Thank you.
Hugh Hallman
Republican Candidate for Arizona State Treasurer