Cruz Endorses Ducey

Today, I am proud to announce one of the biggest endorsements of our campaign: U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, of Texas.
Please join us both for a tele-townhall tomorrow night at 7:15 by making a toll-free call to 877-229-8493, Pin: 112568.
Senator Cruz has been one of the most outspoken reformers of government at the national level. As the representative of another border state, the Senator knows just how critical that issue is. And he brings the same toughness standing up to Barack Obama that I will as Arizona’s next governor. ducey
Senator Cruz said of our campaign:
“The crisis at America’s border is a defining issue in the coming election, especially in Arizona. I’m supporting Doug Ducey for Arizona governor because he is the best candidate to help secure the border, protect the people, and enforce the law. He has the most serious and credible plan to address the border crisis.

As the CEO of a successful Arizona business, Doug also knows how jobs are created, and he’ll be a champion of opportunity and growth across the state. In a crowded primary field, he stands out as a consistent voice for limited government, individual liberty, and respect for the Constitution. If Republicans in Congress are going to prevail against the lawless overreach of President Obama, we need courageous and capable allies like Doug Ducey in the states. I urge all Arizonans to give Doug your vote.”
Our broad coalition of support continues to build, but I need your help to keep up the momentum and broaden our base of support even more. Early voting starts this week, and many ballots will be cast within the next few days.
So, please share this news with all of your friends and family. Ask them to join our broad coalition of support, and ask them to vote Doug Ducey for governor by August 26th. Together, we can succeed.