Compelling Candidate Jumps Into 2018 Elections

While U.S. Rep Martha McSally has not formally announced her campaign for the Senate seat, being vacated by Jeff Flake, another strong indication of her pending candidacy came last Thursday when a fellow Republican announced she is launching a campaign for The Congressional District 2 House seat.
Lea Marquez-Peterson’s long speculated campaign for Congress is a go. And that’s a great thing for the Arizona GOP.
Since redistricting, District 2 has been a top target for both Republicans and Democrats. In the past two decades, being a moderate has been the key to winning in McSally’s district, often flipping back and forth between the two major parties.
Marquez-Peterson is the next formidable candidate to shake up the 2018 election.
She’s called southern Arizona home for about 40 years and she’s been a Republican all of her adult life.
She has a high profile in the Latino community serving as CEO and President of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.
She offers a combination of conservative ideals while giving a voice to minority communities. That combination will play well in District 2, and is a direction we hope the Republican Party will head more in general as opposed to the nationalist tilt of late.
Over the years, Marquez-Peterson has become a close ally of Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and some speculate she’ll have support from GOP power players such as car dealer Jim Click.
With the recent resignations of prominent Arizona officials, the State’s 2018 congressional elections may be game changers for not only Arizona, but perhaps the balance of political power in the county.
No other Republican candidates have announced their candidacy for McSally’s seat which gives Lea Marquez-Peterson a head start in a race that is still taking shape. We hope it stays that way because she is, by far, the Grand Old Party’s best chance to stay relevant in that part of the world.