Collins Announcing Re-Election to Keep PV Best Small Town in America

It’s been my honor serving as Paradise Valley Mayor these past fifteen months. Together with other elected and non-elected volunteers, staff and participating residents we’ve had significant achievement and are making progress on things that are important to Paradise Valley residents.
Today I proudly volunteer to serve as your mayor for another two years!
I hope that I have earned your support. My performance and actions as your mayor, vice mayor, council member, and planning commissioner are well documented. I’ve provided examples at You can watch my performance first hand on archived town council meeting videos.
Please do me three favors if you support my re-election as Paradise Valley Mayor.

  • REPLY to this email saying that you support my re-election.
  • SIGN MY PETITION. You can only sign one candidate’s petition for mayor.
  • RE-ELECT MICHAEL COLLINS for Paradise Valley Mayor.

That’s it. I’m not fundraising and I won’t flood you with political advertising. My actions and achievements in office these past fifteen months should speak for themselves. I am a businessman not a politician. I seek no other office and feel that serving as your mayor is the ultimate honor that no other office could compare to.
There are a few things that we’ve started that I would like to see across the finish line. We need to ensure that resort redevelopment projects like the reborn Mountain Shadows Resort and Paradise Valley Ritz-Carlton Resort are built according to plan and neighborhood impacts minimized and mitigated. We need to improve cell phone coverage quality and our technological infrastructure. We need to maintain our commitment to public safety and streets and infrastructure. We can do all of this with a balanced budget, significant cash reserves and AAA bond rating, and never needing a local property tax.
Thank you for the privilege of serving as your mayor. I am willing to continue working hard to represent you and Paradise Valley for another two years if I’ve earned your support. I look forward to keeping Paradise Valley on track and working with each of you to keep this as one of the best small towns in America.
Please REPLY to this message to show your support. For a review of my priorities for 2017/18 or updates on current initiatives, please visit or follow me on Facebook or Twitter.