Classes Resume at Gateway Academy, the Valley’s Top School for Autism, on July 11th and Announces Open Enrollment & Free Tuition with ESA Scholarship!

A new year of learning and growth is about to begin, and with it, resources to assist the parents of prospective and current students.

With a new year comes new opportunities for learning, for growth, and for connection. With that in mind, Gateway Academy, the Valley’s top school serving students diagnosed with High Functioning Autism, is proud to announce the first day of school and open enrollment for the upcoming year.

Prospective parents can check out the calendar for the upcoming year here and schedule a tour now by calling (480) 998-1071

Faculty will be returning on July 5th, with an Open House and a “Meet the Teacher Night” on July 8th, and the first day for students is set for July 11th. Students will dive into STAR Assessment sessions at the end of July and beginning of August, and Curriculum Night is scheduled for August 18th.

Gateway Academy is an established leader in educating Twice-Exceptional students and students with High Functioning Autism for grades 6-12. Gateway is proud to highlight a curriculum that supports academic, social and emotional development. They excel at helping students improve their executive functioning skills while also providing opportunities to participate in activities such as student council, National Honor Society, multimedia art, world language, Gateway NASA, virtual reality labs, instrumental and digital music, and more. A full list of the clubs and activities available to students can be found here.

Gateway Academy is also proud to be an accredited, non-profit school that accepts both Empowerment Scholarships as well as State Tax Organization Scholarships, with numerous resources in order to guide parents through the funding process. They encourage parents of prospective and current students to visit their ESA Parent Support page. There they will find a full list of eligibility requirements designed to make the process as smooth as possible for parents. The application processing time for ESA funding is estimated to be 45 days, so parents are encouraged to start that process as soon as possible.

Gateway Academy has the staff that makes them the number one choice for families with children ages 11-19 who have been diagnosed with High Functioning Autism. They have created an all-inclusive, supportive school community that accepts their students for their unique perspectives. Their state-certified teachers inspire creativity and dedicate themselves to finding each student’s passion and incorporating that passion into their learning.

Their main focus is on two different tracks: College and Career. Those groups consist of Twice-Exceptional students, and students who have been diagnosed with a Level 1 Autism Spectrum Disorder. Their students thrive on intellectual challenges in their areas of interest and ability, engaging multiple senses and offering hands-on learning. They provide their students with encouragement, support their strengths and struggles, and also help them with time management, extra time on tests, and offer reduced homework.

In the words of Executive Director & CEO, O. Robin Sweet, “Students come to Gateway Academy seeking a different approach to learning, often because they have been frustrated in their previous school experiences.” As for their objectives, Sweet says, “Our intent is to rebuild self-esteem, rekindle curiosity, and encourage the risk-taking necessary for learning. Our belief is that no single method of instruction is effective for every student. Instead, we must evaluate teaching strategies and match them with each student’s individual learning style.”

Gateway Academy also has College and Career Development that ensures security, develops self-confidence, self-esteem and self-reliance to provide a pathway towards independence. They offer dual enrollment with Paradise Valley Community College where students attend a college preparedness class on the PVCC campus, and they also participate in monthly college tours to gain a better understanding of the college selection and choice process. They excel at giving these students every tool they need to carve their own special path in this world.

For more information about enrolling at Gateway Academy, call (480) 998-1071 or visit

About Gateway Academy
Gateway Academy was established in 2005, and offers a private education for students, in 6th through 12th grade, with a diagnosis of a Level 1 Autism Spectrum Disorder, and students who are Twice-Exceptional. The school operates a year-round program from July – May of each year, and enrollments are accepted throughout the year.