Business As Usual At Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Despite Strike That Attempted to Disrupt Service to Travelers

Real Motivations For Strike Now Becoming Clearer Including Asking Striking Arizona Workers To Subsidize California Counterparts   (PHOENIX) HMSHost and its valued employees continue to serve the traveling public at Sky Harbor Airport despite a strike that is both puzzling and counterproductive. Despite Unite Here Local 11’s decision to call a strike that began November 22nd at Sky Harbor, the company is proud … Read More

Religious Freedom or Ridiculous? A Satanic conference is coming to Scottsdale

How far can religious freedom go? Can it extend all the way to absurdity? Those boundaries are being tested in Scottsdale as we speak…by Satanists. The Satanic Temple of Salem announced on Instagram that it will be holding their first conference, named SatanCon, in Scottsdale next February. There likely won’t be any ritualistic sacrifices nor biting off of bats’ heads. … Read More

Preserving their Quality of Life: In Face of inaction from State, Paradise Valley Proposes Restrictions on Short-term Rentals

Short-term rentals (STRs) facilitated by Airbnb and Vrbo have been a hot-button topic in Scottsdale for a while, turning into a campaign issue during last year’s election. The relative inaction at the state level has forced the hands of municipalities to do what they can to restrict them. Paradise Valley has recently started to do the same. Town Attorney Andrew … Read More

Scandal in SUSD cont.: Greenburg Must Go

Last week we spoke about the unfolding Greenburg scandal and called for him to resign. The potential consequences have been compounding at a rapid pace since then however. The SUSD board has since taken action, voting nearly unanimously to strip him of his title as Board President (Greenburg was the sole dissenting vote); he was then replaced for that role … Read More

Econ 101: How to Solve the Valley’s Housing Crisis

I believe that we have a pretty sophisticated readership here, a subscriber base of highly educated people. As such, I assume many of you who are reading this have taken an Economics class or two. If you haven’t, I’ll explain one very simple principle: supply versus demand. Simply put, when supply of a good or service remains steady but demand … Read More

Katie Hobbs’s Race Problem

By Alexander Lomax In what is looking to be a tough election year for Democrats nationally, Katie Hobbs’s path to the 9th floor was already a fairly narrow one. Now a problem from the past has re-emerged and has made that narrow path a more treacherous one. Those who follow local politics closely may remember the story of Talonya Adams, … Read More

Scandal at SUSD: Jann-Michael Greenburg Must Resign

The Scottsdale Unified School District is in full crisis mode as a recent discovery has turned into a bombshell: the Governing Board President Jann-Michael Greenburg and his father Mark had compiled a dossier on over 50 parents in the district, including personal and financial information. The dossier was stored on Greenburg’s computer, and was discovered when he sent a screenshot … Read More

Scottsdale vs. the FAA – the Bill for the Ongoing Fight is Getting Bigger

Prolonged legal battles with the federal government are expensive…very, very expensive. And the city of Scottsdale is learning that firsthand as their latest bill has come due in their battle against the FAA over flight patterns over Scottsdale. Recent uncovered records show that the city approved a $175,000 contract for legal representation for this suit last year. The issue dates … Read More