Guest Editorial: Phoenix’s Recently Approved Homeless Shelter is an Appropriate Remedy for Phoenix’s Homelessness Crisis, but Should Never Inform Scottsdale’s Approach to Homelessness

By Mason Gates The Phoenix City Council recently approved the construction of a new homeless shelter near 71st Avenue and Buckeye Road, a key step in the Council’s efforts to address the crisis of homelessness wreaking havoc across the city. The approval of this shelter project will help stem the burgeoning homeless population in Phoenix, while ensuring that cities bordering … Read More

Scottsdale Politics: How is the Mayoral Race Looking?

This year’s Scottsdale mayoral race won’t be anywhere near as wild as it was in 2020. Back then there were five competitors, including five current and past city councilmembers, vying for an open seat. This year it is much more tame, with an incumbent running against two former councilmembers. As is often the case in politics, the campaign finance reports … Read More

Guest Editorial: Mason Gates for Scottsdale City Council Campaign Celebrates Milestone: Over 1,300 Signatures Rally Behind Vision for Change

In a resounding testament to the momentum of the Mason Gates campaign, we are proud to announce that we have surpassed the significant milestone of collecting over 1,300 signatures from impassioned supporters across our Scottsdale community. This remarkable achievement underscores the unwavering dedication of individuals who believe in a brighter future for our city and who recognize the transformative leadership … Read More

Axon Wants Density Subsidies as Its Stock Soars to New Heights

Frequent readers and those in tune to the happenings of Scottsdale already know about the Axon saga: the makers of Taser, once reasonably good partners with the city and stakeholders, have napalmed any and all good faith that they had previously built. The story is bad enough of a look as it is, but it only gets worse when considering … Read More

Who is the Heck is Mason Gates?

Scottsdalians who use social media have almost certainly been confronted with Mason Gates; he is a Scottsdale city council candidate who has seemingly come out of nowhere, spraying digital ads throughout the city, highlighting videos of him speaking and what he touts as an army of kids willing to do his bidding. While digital political ads are nothing new, his … Read More

The Impact of Solar Energy Adoption on the Navajo Nation: Economic Empowerment and Cultural Preservation

By Grace Chapman The Navajo Nation, spread throughout the beautiful states of Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah, is experiencing an incredible journey towards sustainable energy solutions. The Navajo’s use of solar energy is a shift that extends beyond economic empowerment and encompasses cultural preservation and protecting the environment. The Navajo find it important to provide power to their people and … Read More

Peoria Rising: Is It the Next Recreation Destination?

In this blog we often talk about Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Phoenix, and sometimes a few other cities on occasion when they make moves that impress us. One city we don’t often talk about is Peoria, but a recent development indicates that they are pushing themselves into that conversation. The Peoria City Council recently voted in favor of a couple new … Read More

Bombshell in Arizona: What the Supreme Court’s Ruling on Abortion Means

You almost certainly have heard about the bombshell event that is making news all around the country (and putting our state in a decidedly negative light): the Arizona Supreme Court ruled that a territorial-era abortion law from 1864 will soon become the prevailing law of the state. This now will make performing an abortion a felony except to save the … Read More

The Democratic Exodus from the State Legislature Continues

Remind us if you’ve heard this story before: a Democrat legislator in Arizona leaves their seat, thus providing an opening for someone else to take their place and further upending the caucus. If it sounds common, it’s because it had happened a stunning five times already in this legislative session. Now it’s six, as Representative Marcelino Quinonez announced his resignation … Read More