Local Resident and Cardone Ventures President Natalie Dawson Honored as Distinctive Creative Voice in Prestigious Vogue 100 Community

Dawson Joins the Exclusive Vogue 100 Group to Celebrate Diverse Talents and Influential Individuals Making Waves Globally

Scottsdale-based Cardone Ventures is proud to announce President and Co-Founder Natalie Dawson, has recently been invited to join the prestigious Vogue 100 community. The exclusive community curated by Vogue Magazine brings together exceptional creative minds from various fields, including actors, artists, musicians, athletes, stylists, and activists.

Vogue 100 is a celebration of diverse talents and influential individuals making waves globally, and Dawson’s inclusion is a testament to her achievements in the business world and beyond.

Expressing her excitement about joining Vogue 100, Dawson states, “It’s an incredible honor to be a part of Vogue 100, standing alongside such accomplished and creative individuals. This recognition underscores the importance of fostering innovation, diversity, and leadership in various industries. I look forward to contributing my perspective and learning from the extraordinary talents within this esteemed community.”

In just four years, under Dawson and her husband Brandon’s leadership, Cardone Ventures has emerged as a rapidly growing, thriving company, generating over $250 million in revenue and $75 million in earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization without any startup capital or external funding since its inception in 2019. Cardone Venture’s mission is to help business owners achieve their personal, professional, and financial goals, through the growth of their businesses.

Dawson’s entrepreneurial prowess and dedication to success have set her apart as a visionary leader in the business landscape around Arizona.

Dawson, who is a Phoenix area resident is also a best-selling author, having written the book “TeamWork: How to Build a High-Performance Team.” Her expertise is building high performance teams and every aspect of it from attracting, aligning, developing and retaining top talent in the marketplace. Proof has been building Cardone Ventures to 220 employees in just 4 years, all under her expertise.

As the host of the popular podcast “Building Billions with Natalie Dawson,” she extends her influence by sharing specific scaling strategies that help individuals succeed in growing their businesses.
Beyond her professional achievements, Dawson is recognized for her keen sense of style and influence across her social media platforms.

The invitation to Vogue 100 is a recognition of her outstanding contributions to the business world and her influential presence in the creative realm. As she continues to inspire and empower, Dawson’s journey serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and creatives alike across Arizona.