Valley-Based Cardone Ventures Introduces 10X Roofing: A Division Focused on Transforming One of 2024’s Fastest Growing Industries

Visionary President Greg Bolt will bring his proven track record and expertise to Cardone Ventures and assist business owners in scaling their operations, creating value, and finding buyers.

 Cardone Venturesthe Scottsdale-based company that teaches other companies how to 10X their business, is proud to announce that it will be bringing its expertise to entrepreneurs in a brand new industry with 10X Roofing

10X Roofing will be led by visionary President Greg Bolt, a seasoned leader with a proven track record of coaching companies to surpass industry standards in their respective trades and markets. This nascent endeavor aims to revolutionize the roofing industry by assisting independent roofing businesses in scaling their operations, creating substantial value, and ultimately integrating them into a larger organization.

10X Roofing comes as the result of $3.5 million in research and over 10 years devoted to finding the right industry for growth and disruption. More than 477 roofing companies have come into the Cardone Ventures ecosystem over the years.

Bolt’s journey started when he took the helm of a family roofing business, building it from a relatively modest company generating $3 million in annual revenue towards an incredibly lucrative sale. Bolt will share the secrets of his success, delving into pivotal moments that shaped his entrepreneurial expedition. From implementing sound business strategies to building robust teams and addressing key operational challenges, his story is a testament to the transformative impact of effective leadership.

This new enterprise is the latest iteration of Cardone Venture’s vision to create one million 10X businesses, joining the likes of 10X HVAC, 10X Home Services, 10X Health, 10X Cyber, 10X Insurance, and 10X Farm and Ranch, among several others in the company’s portfolio. “Roofing is a unique industry with unique opportunities for growth,” Bolt said. “10X Roofing provides proven, industry-specific strategies and tactics to help independent entrepreneurs scale their their businesses in a way they couldn’t have imagined and generate generational wealth in the process.”

10X Roofing’s parent company Cardone Ventures has emerged as a rapidly growing, thriving company, generating over $250 million in revenue and $75 million in earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization without any startup capital or external funding since its inception in 2019.

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