BREAKING: New Poll Results

by Paul Babeu
Have you seen the latest poll?
It has us up big in Arizona’s 1st Congressional District.35% of voters have rallied behind me, and our campaign, which has given us a 27-point lead.
This is all great news, and wouldn’t be possible without you and all of your help.
The liberals in Arizona want no part of facing me in November, and they’ll be throwing money at this race to stop us.
We’re not going to let that happen.
We’re going to hold them accountable for failing to secure our border. We’re going to hold them responsible for Obamacare’s heavy burdens. We’re going to call them out for supporting enemies like Iran over allies like Israel.
And come November, we’re going to hold them accountable at the ballot box by sending a Sheriff to Washington, D.C. to clean up their mess.
Stand with me now and let’s keep up our sprint toward victory.
Sheriff Paul