Did Bob Littlefield Threaten Scottsdale’s Top Catholic School?

If running for Mayor of Scottsdale at the same time your wife is Vice Mayor isn’t odd and craven enough for Bob Littlefield, we may have another example.
And, if circumstances are true, it’s disconcerting at best and disqualifying at worst.
According to various social media including that posted by the Catholic Sun, Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane was apparently invited by Notre Dame Preparatory High School last month to address a group of students about how government works.
Elected officials get a lot of those requests, along with things like ribbon cuttings.
Apparently, candidate Bob Littlefield got wind of Mayor Lane’s appearance and demanded equal time of the school to speak, even raising the prospect of the school’s non-profit status being jeopardized.
When properly and ultimately denied his request Littlefield sent out an alert to supporters to attend the gathering bogusly claiming Lane was going to be discussing the Desert Discovery Center, a controversial north Scottsdale project that Littlefield has been on both sides of.
How sad. 
How sad that Scottsdale’s ultimate politician Bob Littlefield felt the need to threaten one of Scottsdale’s points of pride – a top school for both academics and athletics– and then ruin a benign gathering of students all because of his political desperation.
It was one thing when Littlefield was the amusing grumpy dude on the City Council’s corner, but with possible behavior like this can anyone really say they can see him as a Mayor?
Or should?