Big News…I’m in!

By Sheriff Paul Babeu


We’ve been saying it for years … Washington, DC needs a new sheriff in town. There’s cleaning up to do.

It’s time to arrest all the spending and debt created in Washington.

It’s time to arrest the flow of illegal immigration into this country that makes a mockery of the rule of law.

And it’s time to arrest the ambition of professional politicians who toe the establishment party line and only reach across it to grab a campaign contribution from special interests.

The system isn’t working, and it takes new blood to shake it up.

That’s why I’m writing today to announce my run for the first Congressional District of Arizona.

I'm In!

As you know, for the past seven years as Sheriff of Pinal County, I’ve done everything in my power to stop illegal immigration and keep my fellow Arizonans safe while upholding the rule of law.

But under President Obama, politicians and bureaucrats in Washington have done worse than nothing — they’ve actively worked against us! They’ve made our job more difficult by releasing thousands of criminal aliens — not just illegal migrants; but gang members, murderers and foreign nationals who may commit crimes again. It’s unconscionable.

I’ve done all I can here and have come to see the problem must be addressed at the source — the halls of power in Washington, where the urgent needs of safety for law abiding citizens are being ignored.

With your help, they’ll be ignored no longer. I’m running for Congress to work to keep us safe, and break the cycle of spending and dysfunction while I’m at it.

Can you help my cause? The first few days of a campaign are critical. We must establish the momentum that will carry us through the campaign all the way to victory on Election Day.

Will you be a Founding Member of my campaign with a contribution? $5, $10,  $25 or any amount you can afford will tell me you’re on my team and stand by my side!

You’ve been a great friend. Let’s get this job done together!

Stay tuned,

Sheriff Paul