Big announcement

By Dr. Matt Heinz
I’ve got some exciting news: I’ve just announced my candidacy for Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District.
Why have I decided to run for Congress? Simple. Because I believe I can make a difference.
When I look at what’s going on in Washington these days, I see a government in need of a cure. I see a whole lot of partisan gridlock, political maneuvering and pandering to special interests.
As a physician, I’d never turn my back on a sick patient. And as an American, I won’t turn away from the country I love just because it’s dealing with tough issues. In fact, I want to get to the heart of those problems and work to find solutions.
Will you join me today and show your support for my run for Congress? Click here and let me know that you’re all in!
Throughout my career as a doctor, a state lawmaker and a national health care leader, I’ve worked collaboratively to deliver results for people in need. I’ve helped increase access to health care for low-income women with cancer, improve patient safety by making medical complaints public, and implement a coordinated federal response to the Ebola crisis.
That’s a stark contrast to our current representative in Congress, who voted to increase the cost of prescription drugs for seniors, withhold health insurance from people with pre-existing medical conditions, and allow predatory lenders to take advantage of military families.
I want to go to Washington to be a true representative of the people, but I’m going to need your help to get there.
Click here now to show your support for my candidacy. I need to know that you’re behind me and ready to stand up for what’s right!
I know I’ve got a tough road ahead, but I’m confident that the people of Arizona will choose commonsense solutions over partisan politics. I hope you’ll join me on this exciting journey!
All the best,
Dr. Matt Heinz