Beach Read

As many head to the beach this holiday weekend, put the novel or Kindle down.  We’re more interesting.  For example:
*Scottsdale’s aggressive and effective anti-Desert Discovery Center grassroots group may spawn a 2018 Scottsdale City Council candidate:  Jason Alexander.  Downtown businessman Bill Crawford is also likely to challenge the incumbent line-up of Kathy Littlefield, David Smith and Linda Milhaven.
*The group has collected many thousands of signatures on its way towards forcing a public vote on the Desert Discovery Center via the initiative process.
*Keep an eye on Scottsdale Unified School District Board Member Pam Kirby.
*Politically, Arizona State Treasurer and top Trump surrogate Jeff DeWit still isn’t sure where 2017 and 2018 might take him.
*Pulte Homes has received the green light from the Glendale City Council to pump a $450 million, master-planned community investment into southern Glendale close to the Arizona Cardinals’ stadium
*Frank Schmuck is looking to gear up and get a new consultant on board for a renewed run for the Arizona State Legislature.
*Governor Ducey is making an underappreciated effort to focus on and secure Arizona’s water future. 
*Are we nearing the end of the current good not great Arizona real estate cycle?
*Is another scandal coming to Paradise Valley?
*Best bar in Arizona?  Don Shooter’s office in the Arizona House of Representatives.
*Cruz.  Rubio.  Montenegro?  Will State Representative Steve Montenegro be able to capture lightning in a bottle too in his upcoming Republican primary battle versus the embattled Secretary of State Michele Reagan?
Now, take a look again at your beach.  How big are the waves?  In Arizona they were quite large for Democrats in 2006 and 2008. Their swells could be quite large in 2018 too.