Ballot Measures Enjoy Enthusiastic Support

New Poll Shows 70% of Voters in Scottsdale Want to Reduce the Sales Tax, Improve Parks, and Protect Open Spaces

(Scottsdale, Ariz.) Two measures on the November ballot in Scottsdale get high marks from voters according to a new survey from pollster Data Orbital. The company was Arizona’s most accurate pollster during the last presidential election. The “To Protect and To Preserve” initiative is supported by nearly 70% of those surveyed. A measure that would allow Scottsdale to increase 20-year-old spending limits imposed by the State of Arizona is supported by nearly 60%. The poll was conducted between May 7th and May 9th.
“To Protect and To Preserve” would replace and reduce an expiring Scottsdale city sales tax to refurbish and maintain parks citywide, fund ongoing care for the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, as well as enhance related public safety and provide critical infrastructure improvements for WestWorld. It has unprecedented legal protections to ensure that the money must be spent solely on these projects.

After being presented with arguments for and against the measure, using language by proponents and opponents, a notable 69.2% said they would vote yes while only 21% would vote no. 41.5% strongly support the measure. 14.2% strongly oppose it. 7.2% are undecided. The numbers are an increase from another party’s polling on the same subjects in February.
The second measure, “The Permanent Base Adjustment” would lift 20-year-old state-imposed spending limits so Scottsdale can address critical needs for first responders and more. Increasing the spending limits is unanimously supported by Scottsdale’s Mayor and City Council. The poll shows 58.3% would vote yes on the measure while 31.6% would vote no.
The measure would not increase taxes or override the budget. It simply allows Scottsdale to spend the money it has already collected.
Both measures would protect Scottsdale’s exceptional quality of life and enable the city to provide the services its residents deserve.

A citizens committee made up of volunteers, current and former elected leaders, and first responders has united to form Vote Yes-Yes Scottsdale to ensure these important efforts become a reality for generations.

It’s leadership team includes former Scottsdale Mayor Mary Manross, current Councilwomen Betty Janik and Solange Whitehead, Scottsdale Fire Fighters Association President Sasha Weller, and Josha Currington, President of the Police Officers Association of Scottsdale.

“Scottsdale’s quality of life is on the line with these ballot measures and it is inspiring to see the support they enjoy,” said Manross. She added, “The Indian Bend Wash and the McDowell Sonoran Preserve are two of Scottsdale’s greatest treasures and both of these ballot items work together to protect and enhance them. The measures also provide common sense spending with legally enshrined voter protections.”

The campaign also said it was bewildered by people who say more community improvements should be paid for with property taxes rather than the city sales tax. A large number of tourists and residents from outside Scottsdale help pay these taxes.

“We tested whether voters want to use sales taxes, which are already low, rather than property taxes. Residents overwhelmingly favor sales taxes. Critics are going to have an uphill climb making an argument that it would be better to increase property taxes,” Manross said. “Voters once made possible the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. Now they can use that same mechanism at a lower rate to upgrade critical needs throughout the community and help sustain our Preserve. It’s an amazing way to keep Scottsdale special,” Manross added.

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