Balancing the Best of Scottsdale While Planning for the Future

By Milhaven for Scottsdale
Scottsdale is an amazing city that we can be proud to call home. Citizen surveys reveal that Scottsdale residents are extremely satisfied with the quality of city services. Independent rating agencies give us a AAA bond rating for our financial health. We enjoy some of the lowest sales and property tax rates in the region. We have a beautiful city!
We have a long legacy of leaders who had the vision to reimagine and reinvent Scottsdale over the years. Winfield Scott envisioned citrus farms and built an agricultural community. Leaders that followed realized the value of tourism and we became the West’s Most Western town to attract and entertain visitors.
Recognizing the value of retail to generate sales tax, we built Los Arcos Mall, one of the first indoor malls. The rodeo grounds at Camelback and Scottsdale Road became Goldwater’s Department store which is now Scottsdale Fashion Square, one of the most successful malls in the country.
The Airpark became a key employment center for the entire region. We continually expanded our City to the north by annexing land from the County.

In Scottsdale, we have a long legacy of leaders who have looked to the future and planted the seeds for the prosperity we enjoy today.
Elections are times to look back but more importantly, we look forward. During our local city elections, we hear some politicians tell us that we should resist change and accuse others of destroying our City by supporting change.
We must have a balance. A strong local economy is the root of all of these successes and helps to pay for our high-quality services. We must respond to evolving trends to keep our city strong. As you vote this year, I hope you will agree that I bring the experience and expertise to help us balance what is best about our City while planning a prosperous future.
You can learn more about me at I hope I have your vote.  Thank you.
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