Arizona Leading by Team Ducey

Arizona’s economy is growing and our schools are improving. Right now, Arizona students lead the nation in improvements in math and reading. Another area where Arizona is leading? Civics education.
Governor Ducey campaigned on improving students’ understanding of our system of government. And when he took office, the first bill he signed into law was the American Civics Act – which requires ALL students to pass a basic civics test before graduating from high school. Since then, dozens of states have followed Arizona’s lead to pass a similar requirement for their students.
Governor Ducey spoke with conservative talk radio and TV host Hugh Hewitt recently about Arizona leading to become the first state in the nation to pass the American Civics Act. Watch below:

Governor Ducey also spoke about “growing Arizona’s economic pie” and expanding opportunity for all Arizonans. Just a few years ago, Arizona was only half recovered from the recession and families were struggling. 
Since 2015, Arizona has added over 160,000 private sector jobs and our economy is the fourth fast-growing in the nation – but there’s more to do.
Hear Governor Ducey talk about how we can build on the gains of the last four years.

Arizona has made significant progress over the last four years. And we know there’s more to do. Help share how Governor Ducey is leading Arizona into the future. 
Team Ducey