Ambulance Chasers Need Not Apply

So John Karolzak wants to be the next Mayor of Scottsdale?  According to recent Facebook posts he apparently does.  Notwithstanding Elon Musk’s ambitions people are more likely to be on Mars in 2020 than ever seeing this lobbyist and gadfly presiding in the Kiva.
Karolzak is an infamous name synonymous with loose professional morals in the ambulance business, where he has bounced around for many years.  
Before losing his job with AMR, an ambulance company that once served Scottsdale until being deposed for its poor service and poor response times, Karolzak either did or threatened to withhold hundreds of thousands of dollars from the City of Scottsdale AMR owed, simply because he was pissed at city management.
What a gem.  There could be no better way of going from “the best city in America” to the most ridiculed in the highly unlikely scenario Karolzak won. Indeed, we think it more likely modesty becomes Donald Trump, or John Washington ever makes sense, than Karolzak and mayor get used in the same sentence without laughing.
Karolzak supported Proposition 420.  He lives in Windgate Ranch and like many there and nearby probably didn’t like the idea of a Desert Discovery Center being so close.  Besides losing his sanity the only rationale we can see Karolzak using for a quixotic run would be to try and ride the Proposition 420 wave.  
Yet, that surfboard belongs to Councilwoman Suzanne Klapp or many, many others before someone like Karolzak.
Look, we understand the dude may need a job but unless Scottsdale citizens want to have to take a shower every time they enter and exit City Hall there is no reason to consider now, or ever, this ambulance chaser.  Do yourself  a favor and call 9-1-1 on this guy’s “campaign” now.
But if we hear that more than let’s say five people in the city actually are, look for more colorful commentary right here on Karolzak.  For an actual candidacy by this ethical pygmy will be the gift that keeps on giving, to us.