A Message From Senator John McCain

Democrat Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick announced she is running against me for the United States Senate Seat in Arizona.
Congresswoman Kirkpatrick has been a reliable supporter of Nancy Pelosi, having voted with her 90% of the time. And, we all remember when she said her vote for Obamacare was the one she “was most proud about.”
We cannot afford to have a Democrat rubber-stamp like Congresswoman Kirkpatrick representing Arizona in the Senate.
If you agree with me, I hope you will show your support right now with a contribution of $25, $50, $75 or more to my re-election campaign.
Unlike Congresswoman Kirkpatrick, who said she doesn’t think we should “second-guess the President” on his poor decisions like ObamaCare and his failed stimulus, I have never been afraid to stand up and challenge Obama’s misguided policies on behalf of the people of Arizona.
If you agree that we need a leader who has a proven record of standing up to Obama and Nancy Pelosi, than I hope you will stand with me today.
It’s the great honor of my life to serve the people of Arizona in the United States Senate, and it’s a job I’ll continue to fight for.
I take every campaign seriously, and never take anything for granted, and this race is no exception. I am looking forward to a spirited campaign with my Republican and Democrat opponents alike.
I’m no stranger to tough challenges or a political fight, so I know I am going to need a determined campaign team to win this race. I hope that I can count on you to be a part of it.
To run a winning campaign, I need to build the strongest campaign operation possible, and that’s why I need your immediate help with a contribution of $25, $50, $100 or more today.
I’m not afraid to speak out for what I believe, and I’m certain my critics will have something to say about that.
My policy has always been to talk straight and speak up for what I know it right – no matter what the consequences. And because of that commitment, I expect attacks on my strong record that I will need to defend.
With your immediate help, I can respond to these attacks while building a strong campaign team and have all the signs, bumper stickers, and ads needed to be victorious.
In the Senate, I’ve always put our country’s interests above partisan politics and personal ambition to defend our national interests and increase opportunity and prosperity.
This is a mission that matters deeply to me, and one that remains unfinished. America faces serious threats to its national security from terrorists abroad and at home from a broken border and slow economic recovery.
I am not done fighting.
These problems need leaders who are unafraid to solve them, and I am ready and willing to take on the task.
Give me all the resources I need to win this campaign by making an immediate contribution to my re-election campaign today.
Serving the people of America is an honor, one that I will fight for – with all my strength – to see that America remains safe, prosperous, and strong long into our future.
John McCain
P.S. I know this campaign will not be easy. Already, many of the nation’s top political pundits have assessed that I’m going to be the target of a wide array of powerful groups. In fact, The National Journal recently headlined a story: “John McCain Tops Conservatives’ 2016 Hit List.”
Preparing ahead, raising early money, and lining up friends like you to stand with me through what would be a vigorous and tough campaign, ranks as a top priority as I organize my re-election campaign. I hope I can count on your support. Please follow this link to make a contribution today.