A Win For Taxpayers And The Private Sector. Innovative New Arizona Technology Spreading Nationwide, Revolutionizing The Way Companies Bid On Government Projects

Phoenix-Based Capital Pipeline Will Save Tax Dollars While Creating More Opportunities For Businesses Of All Sizes

New Technology, Database Pioneered In Arizona Levels Playing Field For Businesses While Giving Governments More Options For Bidders, Vendors

A new platform developed in Arizona, Capital Pipeline, is revolutionizing the way the private sector connects with government when it comes to building infrastructure, creating opportunities and tax savings. Getting information to bid for government projects can often be complicated and tedious to the point that opportunities are needlessly missed, and costs are needlessly excessive. That’s because companies must spring into action the moment a government RFP (request for proposal) is issued with limited time to plan and research. Few companies have the resources to do so. Until now.

An Arizona company, developed and founded by a female leadership team, is changing this byzantine dynamic. Capital Pipeline has developed software that scans public records nationwide for capital improvement projects. Its newly expanded software has amassed a database that lists more than twenty-five thousand capital improvement projects valued at more than $264 billion. These are not RFP’s but budgets and other planning documents that can precede RFP’s by months if not years.

Why is this important? When a government agency issues an RFP, there is often a mad scramble to put in a bid with very limited time to investigate things such as budgets, specifications, and geography. That puts these projects out of reach for many businesses, limiting bidders and consequently driving up costs for governments.

Capital Pipeline has leveled the playing field. It’s subscription-based platform allows clients to peak behind the curtain of upcoming RFP’s so they can hire staff and allocate resources as needed. And this year it has expanded its data base exponentially.

The Arizona League of Cities and Towns and the Nevada League of Cities have signed on as partners because it makes the bidding process more competitive driving down costs, potentially saving taxpayers millions.

The national database includes information on nearly every project funded through the federal government’s Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act in 51 states and territories, as well as local capital improvement projects in 14 states including Arizona and Nevada. From paving potholes to planning transportation hubs, the data is laid out in a user friendly format. And the list of data sources is constantly expanding as more governments participate. The new database has led to a 280% increase in searches using the platform in February.

In addition to an expanding database, Capital Pipeline’s client base is spreading rapidly to multiple states including California, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Hawaii, Texas, Kansas, and Missouri.

“Data is the new oil. It drives the engines of commerce. This platform gives countless companies the information they need to plan and build the nation’s infrastructure,” said Capital Pipeline’s President and Founder, Stephanie Nelson.

“The Arizona League of Cities and Towns welcomes efforts to make the government competitive bidding process more competitive. This platform brings more bidders to the table which reduces the costs of capital improvement projects,” said Arizona League of Cities and Towns Executive Director Tom Belshe.

For more information go to www.capitalpipeline.tech

Capital Pipeline Inc. is a data-as-a-service company, based in Arizona, operating since 2019. Its service offers subscriptions to a platform containing every public capital improvement projects from agencies across the United States, including every agency in Arizona and Nevada and 12 States of all transportation and aviation data and the Infrastructure and Jobs Act earmarked projects. They have established the service as a reliable provider of public sector capital improvement budget data and leads while staying focused on providing strategic planning tools and insights to our customers.