Build the dang fence

By Ken Bennett
The Arizona Republic recently covered David Schweikert’s bill which would build a 700 mile long fence on the Arizona/Mexico border. Representative Schweikert’s bill hits Washington bureaucrats where it hurts – in their wallet.
Schweikert’s bill will withhold funding from Department of Homeland Security’s brand new headquarters building and suspend any senior employee pay increases and bonuses until the fence is complete. I commend David’s courage and I stand with him in support of this effort. It’s time we get serious about addressing illegal immigration and actually doing something about it.
As your congressman, I will do what it takes and demonstrate the political will necessary to get things done in Washington and “build the dang fence.” I will work with the other members in Washington to secure our border, get border patrol agents at the border instead of patrolling miles deep into Arizona, and use all the technology at our disposal to do what’s necessary and put an end to this problem. I will go to Washington and fight for a solution and end our “catch and release” programs, not just kick the can down the road a little further. I am a man of my word, and my experience and background on the Arizona Immigration Task Force will make sure we get things done.
Please help me secure the border by ensuring we have experienced, conservative leadership to represent Arizona’s First Congressional District in Washington.
Thank you and God Bless,