In Arizona, U.S. Senate Leans Dem, Presidential Race a Toss-Up

(Phoenix) — Data Orbital is pleased to announce the results of its latest statewide, live caller survey of likely general election voters. The survey was conducted from June 27-29, 2020. In the U.S. Senate Race, Democrat Mark Kelly came in at 47.6% to Republican Martha McSally’s 40.8%. 9.5% of respondents are still undecided, with 2.4% leaning Kelly, 1.9% leaning McSally, and … Read More

Kevin Maxwell: A Collaborative Effort for Scottsdale

By Kevin Maxwell — I think we can all agree that no one wants to wear a mask, especially in Arizona, in the summer. But there is something I want more than a little comfort. I want our businesses healthy. I want this pandemic behind us once and for all. It is apparent to me now that this will require … Read More

Virginia Korte: Masks, Just Wear It

By Virginia Korte — Mayor Lane issued an emergency proclamation that “requires people to cover their nose and mouth in most public areas with some exceptions…:”  To learn more about Scottsdale’s mandate to wear masks go to: This proclamation expires on July 20, 2020. When we come together as a community, we agree to abide by a social contract … Read More

Preserving Paradise Valley From Julie Pace

Response To Recent Events Nears Paradise Valley  As the community continues to heal from the recent events that occurred in downtown Scottsdale on May 30, many residents are seeking answers on its potential impact to Paradise Valley. During these uncertain times, it is important to put what we have learned into action and always prepare for the future as we … Read More

Working Diligently to Keep Paradise Valley Residents Safe

Dear Fellow Paradise Valley Resident: Public safety. With the events of the past few days, weeks and months, the term means something more critical than ever before. The Town of Paradise Valley is focused on promoting public safety in every aspect. From a public health standpoint, we’re working within a set of guidelines designed to help prevent the spread of … Read More

Arizona Poll: Marijuana Legalization Up 40 Points

HighGround Poll:  65% of Arizona voters plan to vote yes on the Smart and Safe Arizona Act PHOENIX (June 1, 2020) – If there is one thing Arizonans can agree on in this deeply partisan election cycle, it’s marijuana. When asked whether they would vote Yes or No on the Smart and Safe Arizona Act, 65% of Arizonans said they … Read More

Shock of Coronavirus Begins to Wear Off for Americans

Coronavirus Tracking Update Three months after the start of the crisis and two months after the start of this tracking poll, the shock of coronavirus begins to wear off as Americans move towards returning to their normal lives. According to our latest data, the final in this series of tracking, the number of Americans that are at least somewhat worried … Read More

Save Our Schools Arizona Statement on Arizona Supreme Court Decision, 2020 Initiative

We are extremely disappointed in the Arizona Supreme Court ruling denying Arizona voters their fundamental right to participate in the initiative process. It would not have been difficult for the Court to grant voters both safety and their Constitutional rights, but today, they refused to do that despite the immediate availability of the E-qual online signature collection system and the … Read More

Polling Shows Americans Are Concerned About Loosening Restrictions Too Quickly

Coronavirus Tracking Update:  Despite the building economic pressure to reopen states, the majority of Americans continue to support stay at home restrictions. According to the latest numbers from the Firehouse Strategies and 0ptimus Analytics coronavirus tracking survey, 78% of Americans support current stay at home restrictions in their area.  Our numbers also show concern for the consequences of moving too quickly to … Read More

Scott Moore: Strong, Steady Leadership in Trying Times

Dear Fellow Paradise Valley Resident: As your former Vice Mayor and current Paradise Valley Town Council member, I’m excited to announce my run for re-election. Born in Phoenix, my current home in Paradise Valley is just a couple miles away from where I grew up. I have raised my family in Paradise Valley and cherish our Town’s unique values. In … Read More