Race for Arizona Secretary of State

May 20, 2021

RE: Race For Arizona Secretary Of State

Dear Beau:

We are writing as concerned citizens who hope you will continue your service to our community by running to be Arizona’s next Secretary of State.

We believe that our state, and our nation, are in a crisis. Confidence in our electoral systems is at a historic low. In 2016 and 2020, huge swaths of the electorate refused to accept the results, and this has had a chilling impact on the ability of our elected officials to do their jobs and serve our state. We are on a dangerous path, and we need a leader who can restore faith and confidence in our electoral process.

You have been a leader in our community for over thirty years. You run a large business enterprise and have worked with dozens of Arizona companies and organizations. You understand how to manage people and systems to get everyone working on the same page. You have the kind of real-world experience that our state needs to make sure that all of our citizens have full and complete confidence in our voting systems and our electoral process.

The lack of confidence in our elections is an existential threat to our democracy, and that is why it is so important to have someone of your background, knowledge and experience serving as our next Secretary of State. It is time for real and principled leadership in that office, and we hope that you will answer the challenge and enter the arena.

Of course, the Secretary of State is responsible for more than election activity. In many ways, this is a job that could certainly use the expertise and knowledge of a business leader. The Secretary of State has, as its customers, the thousands of Arizona businesses and corporate interests, and who better than a lifelong, native Arizonan to oversee the preservation of our state’s historical record, another essential function of the Secretary of State’s office.

Thank you for your consideration. Should you choose to run, you will have our complete and unqualified support.


John Graham – Sunbelt Holdings

Bill Post – Pinnacle West, Retired CEO

Jerry Colangelo – JDM Partners

Tim Crown – Insight Enterprises

Cheri Brady – First American Title

Hank Amos – Tucson Realty & Trust

Greg Anderson – Summit Health Systems

Bob Anderson – Prisma

Rick Baker – Pacific Mobile Diagnostics

Jack Barry – Enterprise Bank

Deborah Bateman – NBAZ

Brent Berge – Riverview Toyota

Steve Betts – Holualoa Companies

Deron Bocks – CapMatrix

Ben F. “Tres” Brooks II – The Brooks Companies

Steve Bunger – ProBox

Dawn Cartier – Civtech

Wally Chester – WDP Partners

Bill Clarke – Jennings Strouss & Salmon PLC

Chris Clements – CWC & Associates

Mike Davis – DAVIS Architects

Todd Davis – Kadenwood

Richard Dozer – Viad Corp

Phil Francis – PetSmart, Retired CEO

Todd Govig – Govig & Associates

Chris Grogan – El Dorado Holdings

Jay Heiler – Great Hearts

John Heitel – Assured Partners

Zach Ivanhoe – Valley Toyota Dealers

Chris Johnson – LaneTerralever

Jonathan Keyser – Keyser

Bill Langer – Ambature

Dr. Michael Lee – Orthopedic Surgery Center

Don Luke – Luke Automotive

Jeff Mazzarella – AZPerio

Barry McBride – Sun Cornerstone Group

Steve McConnell – Solano Ventures

Bill Metzler – West Coast Capital Partners

Matt Miller – Double M Farms

Manny Molina – Molina Media Group

Randy Nickel – Freeport McMoran

Jim O’Connell – Capri Hospitality

Wick Pilcher – USI Insurance

Jonathan Pinkus – AZ Nutritional Supplements

Jeffrey Pruitt – Tallwave

Tom Roberts – VEREIT

Tim Schantz – Troon

Jim Swanson – Kitchell

J. Fife Symington – Copperstate Farms

Bruce Ward – Alliance Residential

Patrick Van den Bossche – Realty Executives

Mike Watts – Castle Hot Springs

Mike Welborn – HonorHealth

Warren Whitney – Valleyvise Health

David Berg – Redirect Health

Jason Buxbaum – Jevan Capital

Dr. Aubrey Maze – Envision Healthcare

Clarence McAllister – Fortis Engineering

Adam Goodman – Goodmans Interior Structures

Paul Komadina – CBRE

Charles Layne – Patient Now

Simer Mayo – Valor Global

Jamie Rosenthal – Rosenthal Foods