More Mickelson. And Why Arizona Should Make A Pitch For Him

Our previous editorial focused on the wisdom of reforming tax policy to recruit the ultra-rich to Arizona like Phil Mickelson. And why shouldn’t the Grand Canyon State? After all, the competition is stiff with no income tax states like Texas and Nevada. Furthermore, the private sector constantly engages in a never ending quest to land the whales. At casinos. In … Read More

Luring Mickelson: Good PR & Policy For Arizona

At a time when Paul Ryan and others are smart to be channeling Jack Kemp and re-engineering GOP messages for the lower and middle classes, it is an appeal to the highest crust that could be a good move here in Arizona. This week Phil Mickelson is defending his Waste Management Phoenix Open. A Sun Devil, he is the most … Read More

Ritz Developers Readying Trojan Horse For Paradise Valley

Sometimes you just can’t make this stuff up. The last time Paradise Valley paid much attention to the large, empty real estate between Mockingbird and Scottsdale Road and Lincoln and Indian Bend Roads was November, 2008. Then, Paradise Valley voters were wise to pass by a nearly 2-1 margin a mixed-use plan that had a new Ritz-Carlton at its core. … Read More

Cathedral To The Rowdy: Just Do It

The cathedrals of Europe tend to be of the religious variety, serving both as cornerstones of faith and tourism. Here in the United States our cathedrals are the shrines of sport. Wrigley Field. Fenway Park. Augusta. Churchill Downs. They are magnets for economic impact. In Arizona we do have a rather Grand, natural cathedral three hours to the north. Closer … Read More

Innovation For Public Schools: How To Outflank The Choice Movement

Like any monopoly the public school system has constantly fought change, during the past decade in the form of greater school choice. And it is losing in higher income areas like the Scottsdale School District where some 9,000 students choose charter or private schools. This is putting enormous pressure on the system there, populated by bureaucrats who don’t know how … Read More

This May Get The Phoenix Coyotes’ Attention

Arizona’s NHL franchise avoided a public vote following the Glendale City Council’s split decision to award its new owners a $15 million payment. Such a referendum election would have likely torpedoed the transition to new ownership since it would have delayed ratification of the city agreement until after the season was to begin. The saga that has been hockey ownership … Read More

Denny Barney Needs To Say He’s Sorry, And Quit Channeling Rick Renzi

Did Republicans just ignore all of the headlines over the years about disgraced former Congressman Rick Renzi who was found to abuse his position while in office for real estate gains? We ask because of the Arizona Republic headline today raising similar questions about current Maricopa County Board Chairman Denny Barney (Maricopa County chairman in ethics flap). While many Republicans … Read More

Be Like Bill: Here’s To More Wisdom In The GOP

As we are about to enter the 2014 campaign season television advertisements and flyers will flood mailboxes and airwaves. They will emphasize many words and messages. But nary a one will tout “wisdom.” They should. Allow us to explain using the example of Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery. Readers are surely familiar with former Maricopa County Andy Thomas’ travails. And … Read More

Crickets From Critics In Scottsdale

Every community has critics. And that’s a good thing, especially in an age of a declining fourth estate. Their eyes, ears and energy can be just what’s needed to shine a light into some darker places. But in Scottsdale activism has become its own art form, its own sport. While there are certainly problems in one of America’s best cities … Read More