Guest Editorial: 20-Somethings Take Over and Endanger The Valley?

By Gilbert Guru

On Friday, March 5 Governor Doug Ducey allowed restaurants, gyms, movie theaters, bowling alleys, water parks, and bars that serve food for dine-in to immediately open at 100%. That night the crowd went wild. It was suddenly a whole new world that had not existed in about a year. The 20-somethings were out in force all over Valley bars as if COVID ended at the Ducey press conference.

Bars could open at full capacity if they served food for dine-in and some bars ran with that. Microwavable pizza rolls were on the menu at a bar in Downtown Gilbert – anything to be counted as selling dine-in food.

Maybe it was a lack of caring about the consequences for young adults that took over the Valley on Friday night, maybe it was COVID fatigue, or maybe it was simply “I am invincible” syndrome. Either way, Ducey opened the floodgates with his announcement. Not a mask in a sight…People rushed the bars like their lives depended on it, and conveniently left their masks at home, or maybe in the Uber on the way to the bar?

They partied as they had never partied before; eager to get back to the club environment of too many people, overpriced drinks, and the occasional rush of energy from thinking they are tearing up the dance floor.

The consequences of this wild night are yet to be seen; aside from all the hangovers that Undoubtably were eased with Pedialyte the next morning. Are reckless 20-somethings going to continue to party each weekend at their favorite dive bar whose menu rotates from pizza rolls to hot pockets? Will Arizona Covid numbers rise? I guess we will find out in two weeks. Until then, if you are a high-risk individual stay away from any 20-somethings stomping ground after 11 pm – they may carry more diseases than COVID.