Guest Editorial: Barrett-Jackson Is Crucial to Scottsdale, Even If You Aren’t A Car Fan

By Scottsdale Pinetop

You don’t have to be a gearhead to get excited about Barrett-Jackson returning this weekend from March 20th to 27th. But it would be remiss for anyone to disregard the importance this car auction provides to the Scottsdale community.

For so many in the entertainment and event business, the rescheduling and reconfiguring of large-scale events has been an ongoing endeavor as we attempt to navigate the everchanging COVID reality.  In any other year, the winter months would be the Valley’s peak tourism season. And while this year’s social calendar may look drastically different, it’s the dedication and ingenuity of leaders like Barrett-Jackson that are crucial to Scottsdale’s tourism and economic success.

These are not the easiest times for anyone, especially companies like Barrett-Jackson that employ so many in Scottsdale. But it is because of their experience, dedication and perseverance that we are eager to welcome this great event back to Scottsdale this weekend and hopefully create some form of normalcy for Scottsdale residents and visitors alike.

By all accounts, Barrett-Jackson has organized a smart, compliant and safe approach to its upcoming auction – even exceeding all standards and expectations. Just look back at the successful “Fall Auction” from last October that served as an important training exercise for its now larger event. Having already made the difficult decision to push its annual auction from January to March illustrates their continued commitment to do right by Scottsdale.

But it’s not just the luxury and entertainment and tax revenue of Barret-Jackson that’s so critical to Scottsdale. It’s the loyal and committed car enthusiasts that follow. They fill our hotels, our restaurants, our small businesses and golf courses. They spend their money, keeping Arizonans employed and keep businesses afloat. For the City of Scottsdale, it’s a win-win situation.

As we look forward to joining the festivities starting this Saturday, we couldn’t be more supportive of their efforts. We will continue to cheer for entrepreneurs like Barrett-Jackson, economic drivers like The Thunderbirds and spring training pioneers who have found smart and safe ways to continue hosting these staple events and help boost Scottsdale in more ways than one. Barrett-Jackson is yet another opportunity to show that the community can safely and responsibly host large-scale events without creating massive spikes in COVID cases.